Occupational Health and Safety

Safety at work and of our employees is a priority for us. The most important ports of call for questions about safety at ProSiebenSat.1 are the Corporate Security department with the Chief Security Officer, who reports directly to the Executive Board, and the Security, Health & Safety department. In addition, a total of eleven members of the works council are also engaged in occupational health and safety committees. Moreover, an occupational health and safety committee meets four times a year with representatives from the HR department and the works councils, the Corporate Security and Security, Health & Safety departments as well as the company doctor, the occupational health and safety specialist and the Chief Security Officer. The working conditions at ProSiebenSat.1 are monitored continuously, and improvements are implemented when necessary. In addition, we plan our employees’ workstations, the interior design and escape and emergency routes such that they comply with or exceed legal requirements. There are no agreements with trade unions on health and safety topics, as ProSiebenSat.1 is not a member of such associations and the employees are not unionized. [G4-LA5, G4-LA8]

Most employees of ProSiebenSat.1 do not work in a production environment. They are therefore exposed to risks related to their occupation only to a minor degree. However, we are aware of other potential health risks that could arise from work-related stress, a lack of physical activity, or incorrect posture, for example. We therefore offer various training courses on self- and time management, which help our employees better organize their everyday working routine and their work environment. In addition, the Group provides guidance on how to sit correctly and sport facilities to encourage physical activity. [G4-LA7]

The illness rate among permanent employees in the core market of Germany in 2016 was 3.9 % (previous year: 3.9 %). This equates to an average of 8.8 working days per permanent employee per year (previous year: 8.8 working days per year on average). In 2016, there were 26 work-related accidents within the Group (previous year: 40). 16 female and ten male employees were affected (previous year: 20 women and 20 men). There were no work-related fatalities. [G4-LA6]